Q. Will I be able to join the Festival-OFF?
A. Sure, everyone, professional or amateur can join.

Q. We are working as a group. Can we participate as a group?
A. Yes, that is also possible. We will also try to give each individual photographer within your group the attention he or she needs.

Q. Will there be any kind of voting by ballot?
A. No, it is all up to you. It will not be Festival-OFF like. We also do not guarantee the quality of the exhibitions.

Q. Do I have to present work within a certain theme?
A. No.

Q. What are my expenses?
A. Nothing. All our expenses are paid by our sponsors. If for some reason we aren’t able to get enough sponsorship we will just do a little less as initially intended. You have to finance the realisation of your own exhibition though. Indeed you are free to look for your own financial partner.

Q. What do I have to do when I decide to exhibit at the Festival-OFF?
A. Find an exhibition space. Get you exhibition ready before the opening of the festival. Contact us for free promotion.

Q. What do you do?
A. We made and maintain this web-site. We will have a brochure printed. We will produce flyers and posters for promotion. We will make sure your location is visible from the street. We will inform the press. We will do the brochure distribution. Depending on the budget we will also provide T-shirts etc.

Q. Who is paying for your expenses?
A. CSO Marketing Communicatie and some other sponsors. See also the page ‘Sponsors’.

Q. We would like to sponsor this event. How do we go from here?
A. Please contact CSO Marketing Communicatie in Almere, the Netherlands. Mr. Oscar Hoes. E-mail: oscar@csomc.nl

Q. I will participate. When do I have to send you photographs and other information?
A. For the web-site as soon as possible. A digital image through e-mail will be fine. For the brochure, flyer and press-releases at least 5 weeks before the opening of the festival.

Q. I do not have work in a digital format, just prints.
A. Send a print and we will make a scan. If you allow us to use the print also for press-releases we can not guarantee the return.

Q. How many pictures do you need?
A. One is enough. In the brochure there is only room for one. On the web-site we only publish multiple photographs in case of a group-exhibition. You are allowed to provide us with multiple photographs for the press-releases though.

Q. What specifications should my digital photographs have to meet?
A. To use the files for press releases and publishing on the website  the files should have the following requirements: JPEG, 300 dpi, short side 12 cm/ 5 inch.

Q. Do you arrange the exhibition spaces/galleries?
No, it is essential for the Festival-OFF that you arrange this yourself.

Q. I have some space in Naarden-Vesting for you to use?
A. Please be so kind to inform us about this. Gives us the opportunity to see if it is of any use to the Stichting Fotofestival Naarden or Festival-OFF.

Q. What about insurance against damage or theft of my work?
A. We do not have an insurance covering those risks.

Q. How do I benefit from applying?
A. There will be free promotion and thus more exposure for your exhibition.

Q. I will have an exhibition in Naarden but I do not want to inform you about this?
A. You will receive much less attention for your exhibition.

Q. I do have an exhibition but didn’t know about you. What should I do now?
A. Inform us anyway. It is a pity you are not in the brochure but we will add your exhibition to this site and provide you with anything else you might need.

Q. Who provides the professional back-up for the Festival-OFF?
A. CSO Marketing Communicatie, Almere, the Netherlands.
Contact: Oscar Hoes (See also their web-site at the ‘links’ page)

Q. I am a (news)reporter and need additional information?
A. Please contact info@festival-off.nl

Q. What is the relationship between the ‘Stichting FotoFestival Naarden’ and ‘FotoFestival Naarden Festival-OFF’?
A. Officially there is none. It is friendship and we help each other out when possible. Erik-Jan Geniets is a member of their technical department though.

Q. How do I reach the ‘Stichting FotoFestival Naarden’?
A. Through, Joke Smit. Phone:+31.629537739 or e-mail: info@fotofestivalnaarden.nl

Q. How about my privacy?
A. In our publications you will not find home addresses, phone numbers or e-mail addresses from our participants. If you want this information published anyway, you can request so. However we will provide the press with this information. If you object to this, please let us know in advance.

Q. I like to exhibit in a public space. Am I allowed to do so?
A. No, you will need a permit, inform us about this so we can make the necessary arrangements.

Q. My question is not listed here. What do I do?
A. Please sent an e-mail with your question to info@festival-off.nl