Foto:  Erna Lammers

Fotocollectief Lumen

Fotocollectief Lumen is a group of nine photographers who meet each other  every month. At the meetings their mutual respect and the critical eye for the shown photo’s, stimulate their photographic and artistic qualities.

For the fifth time, Lumen will install metres-long canvases in the rose garden of the courtyard behind the Comenius Museum, Kloosterstraat 33. Six photographers from the collective will each present a beautiful series of photos, revolving around the festival’s theme: Right Here, Right Now.

Members of Fotocollectief Lumen are: Wim Bannink, Jenne Bleijenburg, Theo Bijker, Erna Lammers, Simon Ophof, Annemarie Prost, Frans Rentink, Yvonne Voeten and Hanneke de Vries.

Meer informatie:
Hanneke de Vries,, 06-40313721