Photo: Janny Wierenga – Frank

Photojournalism Group

Right here, Right now

Do we record the beauty of a special moment or do we just enjoy it? Does photography connect or does it build a wall? What do we pass on to the future? Has everything already been recorded? How can we reanimate and re-record  elderly concepts?
The theme of the Fotofestival Naarden 2017 is ‘Right here, right now’. It does not provide answers to these questions, but it invites to watch, to see and to make choices.

The members of the national Photojournalism Group of the Fotobond watch, see and make choices: ‘Right here, right now’. The group consists of non-occupational photographers from all parts of The Netherlands.
Every contributor displays his or her personal interpretation of the theme. In the interpretations the documentary or narrative value of the image is essential.

The Photojournalism Group is one of the nationwide groups of the Fotobond, the union of non-occupational photographers in The Netherlands. At the start in 1995 the discussion group consisted of seven members. Nowadays the group includes around 35 non-occupational photographers, who share a love of  documentary photography.

Contact:  Jan Hendrik van der Veen