How do I participate?

By selecting several nice photos and getting them exhibition ready. By transferring 50 euros indicating Festival-OFF. This money is used to cover the promotional expenses of Naarden Festival-OFF (website, posters, advertisements and folders).

Can I participate in Naarden Festival-OFF?

Yes, everyone, both professionals and amateurs, is allowed to participate.

We are a club, collective or group and want to set up an exhibition?

That is, of course, a possibility. The individual photographers can even be mentioned separately on the website and in the folder.

Does participation depend on a balloting process?

No, that would be impossible regarding the origin of Festival-OFF. That being said, in order to guarantee a high quality of the exhibited photography in the future, we will somewhat head for this in the upcoming years.

Do I have to stick to a theme?

In 2017 you are free to exhibit any theme you like, but you can also photograph using the theme ‘NOW’.

How much are the participation costs?

The organization- and publicity costs cannot be entirely covered by the funds from our sponsors. We therefore set a participation fee at 50 euros per exhibitor. You can pay your 50 euros in the Fotogram-webshop. Upon payment, participants receive a festival flag along with a mention on the site and in the folder of the Festial-OFF site.

What do I have to do to participate?

Find an exhibition space, in consultation with us, and set up the exhibition. Make sure your exhibition is ready before the festival opens. Contact us for free promotion of your exhibition.

What do you do for Festival-OFF?

We design and maintain the website We print the folders. We take care of the posters. We provide the flags for the exhibitions. We organize press releases. We ensure the distribution of the posters and folders.

Who covers your expenses?

CSO Marketing Communication and several other sponsors. See also the ‘Sponsors’ page.

I am a participant. When do I need to send you my material for the folder, press releases and the website?

For the website: as soon as possible, in any case the deadline is April 20. Preferably digitally using WeTransfer to info@festival-ff.nl. The deadline for the material for the folder and the press releases is 5 weeks before the start of the festival.

I do not have digital versions of my work.

No problem. You can scan or take a photo of your work. Do make sure it is high quality: not glossy and a resolution that is not too low. At least 2 MB.

How many photos do you need?

There is only room for one photo in the folder. But please send us all of your good photos, because on the website we place multiple photos at group exhibitions. This also benefits the press releases, as papers or magazines can then use different photos instead of just one.

NB: In the file name, mention you name (initials). In series of photos, mention the name of the series and numbering.

What standards do my digital files have to meet?

The files need to meet the following standards to be put on the website and/or used in press releases: JPG, 300 dpi, korte zijde 12 cm.

Do you arrange the exhibition spaces?

The initiative and the implementation is up to the exhibitioners, in consultation with the organization of Festival-OFF.

I have a room in Naarden/Vesting that you can use?

It is very much appreciated if you let us know, so that we can check whether this might be useful for Stichting Fotofestival Naarden or Festival-OFF

Is my work insured against damage or theft during the festival?

Not by us, although it might be included in the contents insurance of the one you are exhibiting at. Otherwise you are going to have to insure your work yourself. That being said, exhibitors’ work has never been damaged at Festival-OFF so you might as well take the risk.

What’s in it for me when I register my exhibition with you?

Your exhibition will be promoted completely free of charge. Also, if you scout a new location for us, we will give you a 50% discount on our promotional fees. In 2015, we welcomed roughly 60.000 visitors during the expo-month.

I set up an exhibition but heard from you too late. What now?

Let us know anyway. It’s too bad you’re not mentioned in the folder, but we can still put your photos and dates on the website and ensure that there is a flag at you exhibition. If necessary, we can also modify press releases.

I (or my company) would like to sponsor this initiative. How do I do that?

Please contact us. CSO Marketing Communication in Almere handles our sponsoring. Contact person for Festival/OFF is Oscar Hoes. E-mail: oscar@csomc.nl

I am a journalist and need extra information?

Please contact the coordinators of Festival-OFF: Peter Dellenbag, +31 6 81171995, or Ariane James, info@festival-ff.nl.

What is the link between Stichting FotoFestival Naarden and Naarden Festival-OFF?

They are not officially linked. We are on friendly terms and try to help each other if needed. We also coordinate all of the locations together and work together with the congregation, where possible.

How can I reach Stichting FotoFestival Naarden?
Via their coordinator: Joke Smit. Tel:06-29537739 or e-mail: info@fotofestivalnaarden.nl

What about my photo rights?

Needless to say, we handle this with integrity and only use it to promote Naarden Festival-OFF. Copyright is yours.

I want to exhibit in the public space. Is that allowed without a permit?

No, you need a permit from Gemeente Naarden if you want to exhibit in the public space. You can file an application at our festival office, we are in contact with the concerning alderman.

My question is not included in FAQ. What now?

Contact us. E-mail: info@festival-off.nl


Fotogram cannot be held liable in any way with regard to damage to the works!!